Outreach Sponsorship

The CIC offers a range of interactive, entertaining and educational activities for all ages with opportunities for participation at the local, regional, and national level.

The goals of our outreach program are:

  • To raise public understanding and appreciation of the chemical sciences and engineering; and
  • To engage young audiences to foster an interest in chemical sciences and engineering and generate enthusiasm for the creative future of those fields.

The CIC is actively searching for sponsors to help contribute to our outreach programs.

Interested in Sponsorship?

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Nova Chemicals

University of Toronto Department of Chemistry


Boreal Science (a Division of VWR International Co.), Brock University, Department of ChemistryLakehead University Department of Chemistry, The McLean FoundationMcMaster University, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Mount Saint Vincent University, Department of Chemistry, University of Guelph, Department of ChemistryUniversity of Toronto Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied ChemistryUniversity of Victoria Department of Chemistry, University of Windsor Department of ChemBioChem,