Queen’s University chemistry professor emeritus Victor Snieckus
November/December 2016
Snieckus Innovations, created by octogenarian Queen’s University chemistry­ professor emeritus Victor Snieckus, has become a global go-to centre for corporations­ seeking chemical solutions to intractable, complex challenges.

Watching Victor Snieckus dash around a classroom is enough to make you wish that you too...

Our of Thin Air
November/December 2016
Backed by heavy hitters like billionaire Bill Gates, Carbon Engineering, which recently opened its first demonstration facility in Squamish, BC, is showing the world that direct-air capture of CO2 is more than just a neat theory.

Vox, the popular United States media site, had an insightful column this past September about what the world needs to do if it has any hope of keeping planetary warming in check.

Top Shelf
September/October 2016
Micro-distilling facilities­ have cropped up across Canada as regulatory­ strictures have relaxed­, creating new opportunities­ for chemists­ with a yen for brewing modern moonshine­.

Some real estate agents swear by the smell of baking bread as a way of enhancing the prospects of a house on the market. The yeasty aroma apparently heads straight to our brain...

Mitigation made to measure
September/October 2016
Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), a consortium of 13 oil sands producers, is nurturing collaborations with nations, academia and businesses as tougher climate change legislation and agreements apply pressure to accelerate sustainability.

On the first day of summer — June 21 — the government of India launched...