ACCN, the Canadian Chemical News, Headlines - October 2018

ACCN, the Canadian Chemical News, Headlines - October 2018

ACCN (L’Actualité chimique canadienne) the Canadian Chemical News presents national stories from the chemical sciences and chemical engineering sectors.  With 10 issue per year, ACCN, features cutting-edge scientific discoveries, latest innovations from industry, insightful columns and breaking news stories embracing all aspects of the Canadian chemistry scene.  ACCN’s in-depth feature stories showcase the problem-solving abilities of chemists and chemical engineers as they address issues facing society from energy, food and water security to advances in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Each issue of ACCN will be introduced by ACCN Headlines which will be packed with hot links to take readers directly to the ACCN website.

Featured Stories

Murray McLaughlin

North America’s petroleum-based economy can trace its roots to southwestern Ontario, the site of the continent’s first oil rush in the 1850s.

Even to an untrained eye, the difference between two positron emission tomography...

Early in his career at McMaster University Medical Centre in Hamilton, Ont., while on his way to the cafeteria for coffee, Justin Nodwell regularly...