Industry can benefit from InnovationHouse in a variety of ways:Innovation House GreenCentre Canada

A risk-free approach to solving research challenges via Open Innovation.

Most Open Innovation portals require a significant up-front investment to connect industry challenges with potential solvers. InnovationHouse provides a confidential place to post problem statements with no upfront costs. There is no fee to register, no fee to post challenges and no fee to review challenges.

Access to novel chemistry technologies to advance research.

InnovationHouse connects novel, early-stage chemistry technologies from academia, with relevant industrial partners. InnovationHouse offers a portfolio of potentially game-changing chemistry technologies that can advance industrial research. Simply sign-in to review the technology portfolio.

Access to sustainable chemistry expertise and state-of-the art facilities.

Use InnovationHouse to explore how GreenCentre and the Chemical Institute of Canada work with industrial partners, providing research and development services to address chemistry challenges in the lab. The Chemical Institute of Canada and GreenCentre's experience with a wide array of different chemistries (polymers, advanced materials, catalysts, organometallics, etc.) allows them to tailor projects to InnovationHouse partner's specific needs.