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How to get the most out of conferences

Access to Royal Society of Chemistry Journals

The Canadian Society of Chemistry (CSC) and the University of Ottawa have come together to provide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are members of the CSC with access to the journals of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) through the University of Ottawa’s Library. 

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66th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Andrew Biksa, M.A.Sc., P.Eng, of BASF gave the student keynote presentation at the 66th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference, held in Quebec City on October 16. This strategic session focused on understanding how the Canadian chemical Industry works and how you can leverage this knowledge to broaden your career opportunities.  Covered topics included: understanding the chemical engineering value chain, how to get the most out of professional best practices, the various sectors/companies in the industry, the importance of making a value proposition, and how to sell yourself, either to get a job or to gain momentum on your ideas.  

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NSERC 2016 Discovery Grants: News, Questions and Answers

At the 99th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition, NSERC representatives Elizabeth Boston, Sophie Debrus and Caroline Bicker provided an overview of program news and results of the 2016 Discovery Grants competition. NSERC has provided the presentation slides for CIC member reference. 

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2016 CIC/SCI Canada Green, Clean and Sustainable Chemistry Seminar

Select 2016 SCI seminar speakers have provided their presentations for CIC member reference:

Emily Moore (Hatch)

Domenic DiMondo (GreenMantra Technologies)

John Blachford (H.L. Blachford, Ltd.)

Gordon Knight (Trojan Technologies)

Robin Rogers (McGill University)