Hatch Innovation Award

Sponsored by Hatch, the Hatch Innovation Award (formerly the Syncrude Canada Innovation Award) is presented to an individual, who has not reached the age of 40, for a distinguished contribution to the field of chemical engineering while working in Canada.

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The 2017 winner of the Hatch Innovation Award is:

Alison McGuigan
University of Toronto

Alison McGuigan is the Erwin Edward Hart Professor of chemical engineering and an associate professor in chemical engineering and applied chemistry at the Institute for Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto. She obtained her undergraduate degree in materials science from University of Oxford, her PhD in chemical engineering from University of Toronto and completed post-docs at Harvard University and Stanford School of Medicine. McGuigan’s research is focused on engineering in vitro tissue platforms that can generate physiologically relevant and high value data for understanding fundamental tissue biology and identification of novel therapeutics. She has published >65 papers, patents and abstracts in top journals such as Nature MaterialsPNAS, and Biomaterials. In recognition of her work McGuigan has received numerous awards including a Canadian Rhodes Scholarship, the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine Young Investigator Award, and the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS-AM) Young Investigator award. McGuigan has also been recognized for her contributions to HQP training including the Alan Blizzard Award for excellence in collaborative university teaching and learning for her work with the Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (iLEAD).

Past Winners

Nathalie Tufenkji, McGill University
Presented by Nicolas Abatzoglou, CSChE Awards Director (Left) and Santiago Faucher, Hatch, CSChE President (Right)

Milica Radisic, University of Toronto
Presented by Santiago Faucher, Global Director, Technology Development, Hatch (right)

Krishna Mahadevan
University of Toronto

Santiago Faucher
Hatch Ltd. and McMaster University